WyperDyper brings high quality adult diapers to every corner of the country. Every family that has an elderly who is suffering from incontinence deserves to enjoy every moment with each other, carefree. Everyone from the caregiver to the elderly is deeply affected when they face incontinence problems. Due to the lack of widely available, quality adult diapers, we bring perfect solutions for all situations the elderly can be in, indoors and outdoors.

WyperDyper focuses on not only providing high quality adult diapers but also educating the caregiver, elderly and doctors about incontinence and life tips. For example we donate our adult diapers and provide educational leaflets to old age homes, which have limited resources. The brand continues to increase its healthcare products range to make the lives of every caregiver and elderly easier, 1 diaper at a time.




Since 2002, Consumer Marketing India has been bringing high quality and affordable products to every corner of India to make every family’s life safer. The company strongly believes that everyone in India should have access to quality healthcare products regularly. Therefore, the company decided to bring WyperDyper to the families in India.

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Wyper Dyper – a range of unique adult diapers that match various needs and promise comfort, reliability and ease of use.
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