a. Responsibility of a Healthcare professional:

The type and brand of adult diaper the patient uses is heavily dependent on your recommendation. Therefore, it is your duty to recommend the most appropriate adult diaper for the patient. The patient can significantly respond better to their treatment and diagnosis because of the type of adult diaper they use. This is because the diaper can increase their activeness, comfort and confidence. WyperDyper provides a range of suitable products, which satisfy each requirement of the patient.

b. Education:

  1. Most people who suffer from incontinence are more than 50 years old
  2. Patients with Parkinson’s disease, stroke, prostate cancer or diabetes are more likely to have incontinence problems
  3. On average, most patients produce 50 ml to 100 ml of urine per hour
  4. A diaper should at least absorb 600 ml to 700 ml of urine

c. Wyperdyper Open Style:

  1. Mainly suitable for patients who are not active and do not leave the house for activities. This is because the open style diaper is very easy for the caregiver or healthcare professional to put on the patient.
  2. High quality imported material are used to make the open style diaper
  3. SAP (Super Absorbent …)
    a. SAP is the main ingredient in the diaper for effective absorption.The SAP looks like extremely small round balls, which increase in size as they absorb the urine.
    b. The diaper contains high quality Japanese SAP
    c. The SAP is properly distributed in the diaper and focused in the middle to maximize absorption
    d. The amount of SAP used is also optimum to maximize absorption because too much SAP clogs the diaper and reduces absorption

d. WyperDyper Pant Style:

  1. Mainly suitable for patients who are active and regularly take part in activities, which require significant movement. The activities normally do not allow the patients to have easy access to toilets for example in parks.
  2. This is because the pant style is very sturdy and has a thin fit, which allows for maximum movement without it coming off the patient easily
  3. Also, pant style diapers are not recommended for patients who cannot move easily because it requires the patient to either stand up or lift their hips to wear the diapers, similar to pants.
  4. However, if the patients can move a little bit then the diapers are easy to wear and more independent than the open style diaper, which requires a 3rd person to put onto the patient.
  5. High quality pant style diaper from Thailand and one of the leading manufacturers of pant style diapers in the world.
  6. The high quality of SAP maximizes absorption.

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